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Day-To-Day Support

Decisions are made at a local level but the Trust, through the CEO and other leaders, offers support and guidance. A fortnightly meeting invites principals to discuss relevant issues, whilst being updated on new initiatives.

Support in areas such as Finance, HR, IT and Estates allows each academy to operate smoothly and independently, knowing help is always on hand. A senior administrator can pick up the phone at any time to seek advice from the central finance team.

If an additional minibus and driver is needed for an educational visit, this is sorted with a phone call. The inhouse team of painters, joiners, electricians and fabricators mean day-to-day maintenance and building projects are carried out quickly and very cost effectively.

If a member of staff needs support with a personal issue, leaders can contact HR to get advice and help organise internal/external support. If the projector in the hall malfunctions, a member of the IT team will be there to ensure the Christmas production can run smoothly that afternoon!